Getting started with ScanToPDF

First install ScanToPDF by following the instructions in our download centre

How To Get Started Using A TWAIN Scanner

ScanToPDF communicates with a scanner using a piece of software called a TWAIN driver. These basic how to instructions are intended to help you get the ScanToPDF software working with your scanner or folder capture source and creating great PDF documents.

1. Install the TWAIN driver software that came with your scanner. Check your scanner documentation for details about how to obtain your TWAIN driver
2. Attach the Scanner to your PC and switch it on
3. Start ScanToPDF
4. Click the File menu
5. Click Select capture source - More details
6. A new window will open with a list of TWAIN sources, a list of WIA sources and a list of folders which can be used to import from folder.  Always use the TWAIN source if possible (see above)
7. Select your scanner from the TWAIN list by clicking it once so it is highlighted. If no TWAIN driver is visible then a WIA source can be chosen if a TWAIN driver is not available.
8. Click the OK button on the bottom right of the window. The window will close.

To learn more about TWAIN click here

Making a Scan

Load some pages into your scanner.
Click the Scan button on the toolbar or use the File >> Scan now menu. This should initiate a scan using the selected capture source and pages will be visible in the thumbnail pane of the software (on the left)
Depending on the Automatic save of document after capture setting, it may be necessary to click the Save button on the toolbar to save the PDF, otherwise the Save will happen automatically.
Enter a name for the PDF and click Save on the dialog to create the PDF.

Please visit this page for more details about using ScanToPDF

Changing TWAIN settings

Start ScanToPDF
Use the File >> Select capture source menu to open the capture source window
Click on the Advanced button above the TWAIN devices list box
Move the slider on the top left to the ON position
Change the scan settings as required
Click the Back button on the lower right of the window
Click the OK button on the lower right of the window

To learn more about this visit this page

It Does Not Scan

1. Do you have a scanner attached to your PC and powered on?
2. Have you installed your scanner software and drivers correctly?
3. Are you able to scan into other programs that use TWAIN. You can download a TWAIN analyser from

Please contact us (details below) if you complete all the steps above and you still cannot scan from your TWAIN device
TWAIN drivers are not supported in the 64 bit version of ScanToPDF

To use a TWAIN driver please ensure that the executable being used is called ScanToPDF.exe and NOT ScanToPDFx64.exe

Use the Help >> About ScanToPDF to confirm whether the 32 bit or 64 bit version is running

The top left of the window will state x86 for 32 bit and x64 for 64 bit

How To Get Started Using Import From Folder

If your scanner cannot provide a TWAIN interface then you can still use ScanToPDF if your scanner will scan to folder. This page explains how