All About TWAIN

What Is TWAIN?

TWAIN is a widely-used program that lets you scan an image (using a scanner ) directly into the application (such as ScanToPDF) where you can then work with the images. 

What Is A TWAIN Driver?

The TWAIN driver is a small program which runs between ScanToPDF and the scanner hardware. 

Why Do I Need a TWAIN Driver?

All scanners require a TWAIN driver to communicate with scanning software. ScanToPDF issues commands to the TWAIN driver and the TWAIN driver passes those commands to the scanner.

Who Provides The TWAIN Driver ?

Scanner manufacturers provide TWAIN drivers. The driver usually comes as part of the software package you get when you buy a scanner or from the scanner manufacturers support web site.

A Note About 64 bit

To use the TWAIN driver with ScanToPDF, make sure that you run the program ScanToPDF.exe and NOT ScanToPDFx64.exe. TWAIN is not supported in the 64 bit version of ScanToPDF.

What Is WIA ?

Windows Image Acquisition is an inferior method for communicating with a scanner and will provide basic scanning features. For this reason we ALWAYS recommend that a TWAIN driver is used where possible because it will provide more features and support the functions your scanner provides. 

TWAIN Scanner List

As part of our customer experience feedback we ask our customers which scanners they use. This is a list of the scanners in use by our customers. If your scanner is not on list it does not mean it will not work with ScanToPDF. We always advise customers to try ScanToPDF before they purchase it. Click here to view the list.
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