Importing Files From A Folder

Method 1

On the File menu choose Import from folder and select the folder where your image files reside

Method 2

  • Start ScanToPDF
  • Click the File menu and choose Select capture source
  • On the right hand side, under the label Import folder, select the folder to import files from
  • To set other options click the Advanced button - click here for more details
  • Click Save on the bottom right of the window
  • Click the Edit menu and then choose Options (or click the Options icon on the toolbar)
  • Click the UI icon
  • Set the Default capture button option to Import from folder
  • Click Save (LOWER RIGHT)
  • This will enable you to click the Import from folder button on the ScanToPDF toolbar to import files from the folder you have configured, but you will need to remember to delete them once processed.

Then to import your files you can just click the Import from folder button on the toolbar or use the File>>Import from folder menu option

The automatic file import plugin can also be useful for importing files from a folder. It provides additional functionality to delete files once they have been imported & create backups of the processed files