Using The OiC License Server

Use the links on this page to download the latest version of the OiC licensing server for use with our version 5 ScanToPDF software.

This version can also be used with version 4 software and is backwards compatible.

Installing The License Server

Download oicfloatinglicensesetup.exe from here
Run the software setup (oicfloatinglicensesetup.exe)

The installation includes TWO components

1. The license server - the service component that runs on the server.
2. The license supervisor - a utility used to maintain licenses and keys.

On the Select Components window you can select to install 1 or both of these components.

Continue the installation, choosing defaults until installation is complete.

Please note the license server must be installed on the server and the license supervisor can be installed on the server or any other windows computer, which can then be used to maintain the license server.

Click this link for the License supervisor user guide

Installing ScanToPDF Software To Use The License Server

The standard ScanToPDF setup should be downloaded from our downloads page and run with a command line switch of /SERVER=xxx where xxx is the name of the licensing server to use.

for example suppose the license server was installed on a server name lic001

scantopdfsetup.exe /SERVER=lic001

other than this the procedure is the same as documented on the downloads page