Plug-in Overviews

We use plugins to build the solutions on this website. If you need a solution with additional functionality you could build your own using the plugins we provide.

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.NET Dyna Code

Create the functionality you need by writing your own code in C# or VB .Net.
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ADR - Automatic Document Recognition

This plug-in will automatically identify a document and assign the correct document profile.
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Auto Image Rotation

Systematically rotate all pages or rotate just portrait or just landscape pages.
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Automatic File Import

Automatically import files from folders. Process files from network scanners, multi function peripherals or scanner copiers.
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Automatic File Namer

The filenamer names files automatically using syntax, barcodes or other variable data meaning no user intervention is required to save a file
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Automatic Image Export

If you need to produce JPEG, JIFF, BMP or TIFF instead of, or as well as PDF then add this plug-in
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Automatic Page Reordering

Page splitting and re-ordering features. Double sided scanning without a duplex scanner and booklet scanning
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Barcode Recognition

Read and use barcode values for batch separation and PDF naming.
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Batch Separation

Split batches of scanned pages or imported files into separate PDFs using barcode or blank pages, fixed page page counts or manual input
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Create PDF Bookmarks

Bookmark PDFs using inserted barcode pages. Perfect for large documents such as legal papers. All completely configurable
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Cloud Integration

Automatically share documents by saving them in The Cloud using integrated DropBox and automated FTP functions
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Data Exporter

Create configurable log files (csv, txt, xml) containing details of the PDFs that have been produced
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Data Gatherer

Extract information from zones on pages and populate ScanToPDF variables to use in automatic file naming or data export
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Device Profiles - TWAIN

Create TWAIN profiles and quickly select them using a simple drop down list. Control settings including B&W, Colour, Page Size, Orientation, DPI
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Digital Signatures

Digitally signing PDF. Use .pfx files & private key (password) or a certificate that has been imported onto the machine's certificate store
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Document Indexing

Prompt for indexing information. Fully configurable indexing window
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Document Profile Selector

Configure document profiles. Select them easily and quickly from a dropdown list prior to scanning
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An example of a custom built plugin developed for and in conjunction with US court reporting providers
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File Print

Print copies of the scanned documents after image capture
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Optical Character Recognition

Convert the text in an image into text which is then embedded inside the PDF file, which then makes the PDF searchable
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Page Deskew

If you scanner has a tendency to not feed pages correctly then try the deskew plugin to automatically straighten the scanned pages
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Page Stamper

Stamp your finished PDF documents with dates, user details, barcodes or variable text
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PDF Import

Process PDF documents such as attachments to emails in the same way as scanned images. No need to print the document and then scan
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PDF Metadata

Write data into the XMP data layer in a PDF to create searchable and indexable PDF files
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SMTP Mailer

Create emails, with the scanned PDF attached, to be sent by SMTP email without needing an email client installed on the scanning PC
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Provides events that can be configured to take actions, using the action script to launch an external program for example or provide messages to the user
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WebDAV Integration

The WebDAV integration plugin provides connectivity to WebDAV compliant servers to enable automatic upload of documents
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